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Twinshock Brewery Ltd – Christmas Edition

With Christmas just around the corner, we wanted to do a special edition spotlight of the month celebrating, well, Christmas! Our very own Louise Twist, the development executive for Brewcover, had the pleasure of speaking with Twinshock Brewery this week to find out more about their Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Yet To Come of their brewery.

Who is Twinshock Brewery?

Twinshock Brewery is currently a nano-brewery operating out of an industrial unit in the Chanters area of Atherton, Greater Manchester, owned and run by business partners Dayle and Craig.

Dayle stated that they are currently “really small in terms of capacity, brewing out of our 200L kit 3 times a week” but size doesn’t stop this power team from creating some superb craft beers. Their range currently consists of an Indian Pale Ale, Steam Beer, Galaxy Pale Ale and a Vanilla Milk Stout.

Steam Beer - Holeshot Session Steam Beer for Twinshock Brewery - Microbrewery - Brewcover - Beer InsuranceGalaxy Pale Ale from Twinshock Brewery - Microbrewery Insurance - Brewcover InsuranceVanilla Milk Stout from Twinshock Brewery - Nano-brewery insurance - BrewcoverWe are informed that this range will be expanded in the New Year to also include a Double Chocolate Porter and a Double Dry Hopped Columbus Pale Ale. “Our range varies from 4.5% up to 7.5% and is available in 30L kegs and 300ml bottles,” says Dayle, so there is a wide range of beers available for everyone’s liking.

We wanted to know why Dayle and Craig decided to one day start up their nano-brewery and where it all started…

Dayle lets us know that he has always had an interest in beer, since reaching the legal drinking age obviously! From this, he knew that he would want to give it a shot himself someday. As for Craig, he was and still is passionate about being a motocross rider, therefore, it took some persuasion from Dayle to convince him to start this journey with him. “Getting him into the world of beer took a lot of persuasions, as it would mean losing his ‘athletes’ physique. Safe to say that has long gone and he is a true beer drinker now”!

The pair has been brewing for a couple of years now, mainly using Grainfather equipment.

“We made loads and loads of different types of beers to hone our skills and attended various training events to get up to speed with the technical stuff too” Dayle states. Just like most breweries when they first start up, they were started out in a kitchen, then moved into a shed, then in September this year, Dayle and Craig decided to take the plunge to get an industrial unit to brew from. Safe to say that it was a cracking decision!

Where do you gain Inspiration?

Even though Dayle has wanted to brew his own craft beer for a while now, the inspiration for starting their own brewery came from various brewery tours. “Talking to the guys from Runaway and Seven Brothers breweries really struck a chord in inspiring us to start a brewery”. It is always great to see the brewing industry supporting each other and inspiring others – it’s why Brewcover are here at the end of the day!

So we know where they gain inspiration to start up their nano-brewery, but what about their beers? Dayle explains for us below:

“In terms of inspiration for our beers, we really like to draw from our backgrounds, areas we live in and our families. Each of our beers has a story, whether it be our Galaxy Pale Ale which is named ‘Seb’ after my son as we originally brewed it on the same weekend as he was born, right the way through to our ‘Astley Ale’ IPA, which features famous Astley Colliery Headgear on our label”.

Recently, Twinshock Brewery has collaborated with their local football club Atherton Collieries A.F.C. to create their beer called ‘Colls Mon’. Dayle said that it was created to work with a club that he has supported for a number of years and that the collaboration really inspired Dayle and Craig to use their surroundings further when developing their beers.

To the Future

Twinshock Brewery interview with Brewcover - Brewery InsuranceTwinshock Brewery is a relatively new nano-brewery with a long journey ahead for Dayle and Craig, but the future is looking bright. The pair obviously cannot predict what they think their brewery will be like in 10 years time as the industry on a whole is growing and adapting every single day.  Suffice to say, they would like to still be a part of the craft beer industry, doing what they do best, brewing! Of course, they are wanting a much bigger brewery and have said that they hope to finally get a wage!

“It’d be great to be able to supply our beers to a much wider audience and population, whilst still taking inspiration from our local area”.

With the increasing number of breweries in the industry, we wanted to know what made Twinshock Brewery different to others, especially when looking towards the future.

“Tough one! In essence, we are just 2 lads trying our best. Where that will lead to, who knows? The world of craft beer can be a bit of a daunting one if you are new to the scene. Whilst still making the beer we love, we want to have a core range that can suit a group of people entering a bar that all want different things. Those who have only ever drunk lager, those who prefer stouts, those who want tons of hops etc. We just want to make Twinshock beer for every pallet. It will take a long time but we will get there!”

A little word of advice…

If you are an aspiring brewer and want to start up your own brewery, then here are a few words of wisdom from the guys at Twinshock Brewery.

Be prepared for a lot of work, but don’t give up!

“If you are going into brewing thinking it will be easy, then think again. Don’t get me wrong, nothing beats seeing your first pint being served at a bar, or the first label going on your bottles, but it will take months of time and effort to get there”!

Speak to other breweries, big or small!

“The brewing industry is one of the friendliest I’ve ever worked in. Whatever your problem/query is, someone out there has been there and done it already and, more importantly, will be more than willing to share the answer!”

Why choose Brewcover?

Twinshock Brewery Ltd have been on cover with Brewcover now for a couple of months, but we are always interested to find out why people choose us over every other insurance broker. Find out Dayle’s answer below:

“There were a couple of reasons we picked Brewcover:

  • To have tailor-made insurance just for breweries really took a weight off our shoulders. At first, we were scared of missing stuff off regular business insurance quotes that would leave us stuck, should the worst happen. To have just 1 simple form that covered everything relating to a brewery was great. It’s a real peace of mind that we know everything is covered.
  • The main reason we picked Brewcover was the interest they showed in us. Nothing was too much hassle for them. Whether it was answering my many (probably stupid) queries, right the way through to guiding us through filling in the form, the service has been top notch!

And that’s a wrap!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Dayle and Craig from Twinshock Brewery from taking part in our Christmas edition of our spotlight of the month. To keep up-to-date with all the latest developments from Twinshock Brewery, go follow them on all their social media!

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That’s everything folks!

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Hoppy New Year!