David at Jolly Sailor Brewery brewing one of their ales.

Jolly Sailor Brewery

Welcome back brewers! It’s September already, which means it is time for another Spotlight on the Brewery! For this month’s edition, we are speaking to David from Jolly Sailor Brewery.

Let the Voyage Begin!

Jolly Sailor Brewery’s journey began in 2012, in the small village of Cawood, North Yorkshire. Six years later, the brewery is now located being Olympia Hotel in Selby, North Yorkshire – this is where all the magic happens! A variety of traditional ales are made at the family-run microbrewery, with a selection of hops, yeast and malts carefully selected to make each beer unique in their own way.

The Jolly Sailor Brewery has allowed for David to follow his dream, in which he wanted to open up his own brewery for quite some time.

“The ‘Sailor’ note range very true with me as my father was in the Navy and he loved beer and home brewing. That love of beer and homebrewing encouraged me to follow my dream”.

Jolly Sailor Brewery have a range of beers available on their website.The way in which the ales are brewed at Jolly Sailor are quite interesting, with David saying that their traditional range of beers is inspired to be good, quality beer, made using traditional techniques. With their newer, more modern styles of beers, David says he is “inspired anywhere from reusing surplus bread stock from a local bakery to adding hemp to a pale ale style to try something new!” We love this technique as nothing beats a traditional beer but at the same time, experimenting with ingredients to create a new, completely unique beer is all quite exciting!

Their beer range consists of a permanent range and a season and specials range, in which some beers are available all year round and some are at different times throughout the year. You can check these out here.

On the Horizon

Jolly Sailor Brewery is one of the clients on insurance cover with Brewcover.David’s dream didn’t just stop when he opened the brewery – “In 10 years’ time, I’m hoping we may have outgrown our current location and are able to employ a lot more of the local people to make, sell and serve our beer. We also would love for our beer to be available all over Yorkshire and beyond to reach as many of our lovely customer as we can”! With the way Jolly Sailor Brewery is progressing, we have every bit of faith in David and his team that this goal can be achieved. They have some great things coming up and we cannot wait to see what they will have in store from us, but we are going to take the trip with them! They are definitely worth a visit – but don’t just take our word for it. in 2016, they won the Bullseye Bitter: Best Pale and Amber under 4.0% award at the York Beer Festival!

Words of Wisdom

We wanted to know what David thought made Jolly Sailor Brewery different to others: “Well, I would have to say that we are very family orientated and have a great team who work really well together. Also, we cover all aspects of brewing from traditional styles and techniques to pushing the boundaries of modern beer styles”. So, from this, we wanted to know if he had any words of wisdom for other brewers that were thinking of following a similar dream or are just starting up.

“Research everything and take nothing for granted” – short and sweet but very much true!

The year is looking very productive for Jolly Sailor Brewery, but we were wanting to know more about David himself, and what his favourite drink would be in his downtime. “I know our head brewer, Steve, would be in Belgium drinking a Belgian Sour, but I’m perhaps more of a Best Bitter or a Blonde man myself”! We think these are all excellent options but a trip to Belgium to try a Belgian Sour does sound tempting!

Land, Ho!

Behind the scenes at the Jolly Sailor Brewery.That’s it for this month’s Spotlight folks, so a huge thank you to David for speaking to us. But before we said our farewells, we wanted to know why Jolly Sailor Brewery chose Brewcover.

“It covers everything we need with our brewery insurance with no hassle and without breaking the bank.”

And he wouldn’t be wrong!

Make sure that you head over to Jolly Sailor’s website to show them some support and to check out where you can buy their beers. They also hold brewery tours and brew days at competitive prices, which are perfect for all your brewing enthusiasts. Find out more here!

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