Soft Drinks Insurance

Not many people know this but we also provide insurance coverage to soft drinks manufacturers, in which our specialist insurers can provide you with all the information required to then start the process of a tailor-made policy, making your insurance cover bespoke.

Brew Cover provide insurance for Microbreweries and Craft breweries in the UK


An important aspect of providing insurance for soft drinks manufacturers is public liability and products liability, which both offer similar protection, one being protection against a business for personal injury or property damage due to damage caused by a product and the other being protection against your business for personal injury or property damage due to damage cause by your business.

As well as this, it is vital to ensure that you have cover for your property and material damage, along with protection of your property in transit and the businesses money – whether this be on the property, on the way to the bank or in an ATM.

To find out more about key covers for your soft drinks business, or to learn about the wide selection of optional covers available, call our Brewcover team on 03330 447794 to speak to a dedicated specialist insurer or complete our quote form to receive a free quotation today!