Craft Brewery Insurance

Craft breweries in the UK are a unique beast. There isn’t a correct legal definition of what constitutes a “craft brewery”, although America has one and it’s likely only a matter of time. This means that for now, it’s largely up to the greater community of brewers to set their own standards for what constitutes craft beer.

In general, a craft brewery is considered to be a bit larger than a microbrewery or brewpub. They may have a separate, larger premise where they brew their beer. They may have one or more labels which they run regularly, and which enjoy some recognition amongst mainstream beer audiences.

The one thing all craft breweries have in common is that the last thing they need is to be worrying about their insurance. Many craft brewers will find that their insurance is not up to task once they start to expand. The machinery that will enable them to produce greater volumes of beer requires bespoke insurance cover. If they want to start providing tours for their fans, that also may not be covered by their previous brewery insurance policy.

Don’t forget that our insurance is not only for craft breweries but for cider breweries & mead breweries too! For more information regarding this, then please get in touch with us via e-mail or call 03330 447794

Brew Cover provide insurance for Microbreweries and Craft breweries in the UK


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craft brewery insurance

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