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Bespoke vs Off the Shelf Insurance

Louise for Brewcover - offering bespoke insurance for breweries, distilleries, cideries, meaderies, wineries and soft drinks manufacturers.So, it is a new month and I was thinking of what I could do for my next addition in my blog: I have been to Beer Brothers Brewery for a brew day (an experience I will never forget), I have been to our local Reet Good Beer Festival and I have talked about my own Bar, the Twist Arms, and the wonderful array of cocktails and gins that we make. But we didn’t really have anything in the calendar that could top that for this month.

So…It is a Monday morning, I’m currently suffering from post-holiday blues and I’m drinking more coffee than I should be! To top it, I have replied to all my e-mails and worked through my tasks for the morning when I ask myself this question: Why do customers choose Brewcover over other insurers on the market?

Then I started to put everything into perspective and asking the serious question: What do we have that other insurers don’t?

Well the first, and most important, answer is ME!

Ok but on a serious note, a lot of policies out there offer a generic policy that ‘suits all’, a kind of ‘Off the Shelf’ policy, which is great…if you want to pay for something that you don’t particularly need or want.

All our clients are bespoke, from breweries to distilleries to wineries; their products are bespoke, their premises are bespoke, their staff are bespoke, their methods are bespoke, so should they not have an insurance policy which is bespoke?

Definition of Bespoke & Off the Shelf

Definition of ‘Bespoke’ – Made to order for a customer or user

Definition of ‘Off the Shelf’ – Not designed or made to order but taken from existing stock of supplies (in this case, set out insurance policies).

In my eyes, your business insurance needs to be tailored to the specific needs of your business – it needs to be custom made and capable of being adjusted, modified and adapted to fit the demands and requirements of your business.

With all this taken into consideration, here are 5 reasons why you should choose Brewcover.

1. Me, Myself and I

The 1st and most important answer is me! You are getting a one-on-one personal service from Brewcover’s very own development executive, Louise Twist. I have 14 years experience within the insurance industry, in which I am highly skilled with:

  • Customer Service
  • Insurance
  • Sales
  • Commercial Insurance 
  • General Insurance

My passion is all things brewery, ales, cider, vodka, wine, gin… well, pretty much any alcoholic beverage. This means that I know the craft beverage industry inside out, with me owning my very own bar! I am very much down to earth and a people person, in which I will work extremely hard to fully understand your business activities and insurance needs to that I can provide you with the cover that you require, along with the superior service that I aim to achieve each time!

From the minute you request a quotation, you are dealing with me and me only – you won’t be passed from pillar to post. You with have my full attention at all times – and that is a promise.

Walmsleys Commercial Insurance Brokers - parent company of Brewcover - bespoke insurance for alcoholic drink manufacturers.

2. Nearly a Century in Business!

That’s right – our brokers have been in business for almost a century, having started in 1927! That is 91 years of experience and knowledge built up to provide the outstanding service and value that we deliver today and have done for 91 years. Now that is good going!

Don’t just take our word for it though. We recently received some amazing feedback from one of our brewery clients, Glen Upward at Devitera, in which he said at one part “You guys don’t sell insurance, you enable a microbrewery dream to become a reality… you enable UK craft brewers to create!”. And he wouldn’t be wrong!

3. You will NEVER walk alone

We consider a broker’s claims service to be the barometer by which their quality is measured. Now, we never hope that you do have to claim, but unfortunately, claims DO happen from time to time and it can be quite a difficult process going through it by yourself. Here steps in our internal claims team. They are there to hold our customer’s hand from the point of loss through to the remedial action through to the resolution & reinstatement.

4. Bespoke Insurance Every Time!

At Brewcover, we have developed a bespoke policy that only we can provide. It is truly exclusive, which means we can pick and choose covers that fit you and your business, being able to combine them into a policy that we guarantee with only including the necessary covers for your business. None of these unnecessary add-ons that would only be for personal gain. We are not about that – at Brewcover, we always put YOU first!

5. Through Commitment leads Success

Insurance for brewery owners, distillery owners, cidery owners, meadery owners, winery owners, soft drink manufacturers.As a specialist, chartered insurance brokers, we can signal our commitment to the highest levels of service to our customers. Even though all our customers have a bespoke insurance cover, they all have something in common – the same level of commitment is provided for each customer. At Brewcover, we try to go above and beyond to make sure that every single one of our customers is treated fairly and provided with an excellent service each time.

Finally, we make sure that we listen to our customer’s feedback and needs so that we can continue to improve our service, to benefit all current and future customers of Brewcover.

To the Future

In case you didn’t know, we offer our bespoke insurance coverage to the following industries:

  • Craft Breweries
  • Microbreweries
  • Cideries/Cider Houses
  • Distilleries (Vodka, Gin and Rum ONLY)
  • Wineries
  • Meaderies
  • Soft Drinks Manufacturers

If you are wanting to find out more about each of these sectors, then you can find out more here.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us today by giving us a call on 03330 447794, sending through an e-mail or you can complete our quick and easy quote form. The choice is yours!