Here is the Wigan Youth Zone in Wigan in which the Reet Good Beer Festival raised money for.

A Reet Good Beer at The Reet Good Beer Festival

This year, our parent company Walmsleys Commercial Insurance Brokers sponsored the Prosecco glasses at Wigan’s favourite ‘Reet Good Beer Festival’ to help raise money for Wigan Youth Zone.

What is the Wigan Youth Zone?

All money raised at the Reet Good Beer Festival will go towards helping the young people at the Wigan Youth Zone.

The Wigan Youth Zone is a registered charity, in which they offer young people somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to. It is much more than just a youth club, the Wigan Youth Zone aims to help young people develop real and achievable aspirations so that they can fulfil their dreams for the future.

It costs almost £2 million a year to run the Wigan Youth Zone and much of this comes from fundraising events such as the Reet Food Beer Festival.

The Youth Zone helps the whole community and simply couldn’t operate without the continuing support for the community.

Festival Ready

This is a pint of Wily Fox Brewery's Karma Citra at the Reet Good Beer Festival.

With flowers in our hair and feeling festival ready, we made our way across to the festival for the sponsor’s afternoon which, lucky for us, was only a 5-minute walk.

We were greeted by a couple of security guards who very kindly pointed us in the right direction to where we needed to sign in and collect our wrist bands…. all signed in – it was time for a beer!

WOW! Such a massive choice of real ales, lagers, ciders, gins & prosecco, how on earth could we choose!

Well, with the sun beaming, it was certainly a no brainer for me. I chose Wily Fox Brewery’s Karma Citra, and what a great choice too!

With its citrusy, fruity flavours and a delightful 4.3%, this was a great beer to have on such a lovely sunny day.

This is a pint of the Silver Tally from the Prospect Brewery at the Reet Good Beer Festival.

Now when you’re in Wigan there’s only 1 thing you would have for your lunch…I bet you can guess what it is…

Pies, Peas & Gravy!!!! And if you put it all on a barm, then it’s a Wigan Kebab! If you haven’t tried one, get yourself down to Wigan!

Lunch was great and washed down with, yes; you know it, another beer….

This one was called Silver Tally from the amazing Prospect Brewery.  It was very light and  refreshing and was perfect for the scorching day!

If you haven’t tried one of their beers, then you’re certainly missing out!



WCIB and Glass Sponsorship

Here are one of the prosecco glasses at the Reet Good Beer Festival which are sponsored by WCIB.

Throughout the day, we met and talked to some lovely people, sponsors and local companies and this day was getting better and better. It was time to take it up a notch and order in a Prosecco which came in one of our very own glasses.

Walmsleys Commercial Insurance Brokers, or WCIB as some of you may know them, are our parent company, in which they have been in the insurance business since 1927. They specialise in providing bespoke insurance solutions for specific niche industries, working with a range of industries, from motor traders through to basket weavers through to brewery owners! Based in Wigan, they have a team of specialist insurance professionals, which means you get a personalised, expert service in which each team member pride themselves on providing a tailor-made solution for each industry.

When life gives you lemons, it’s time for gin!

OK now it’s time to get back to the festival…

Here is the Whitley Neil Blood Orange Gin are the Reet Good Beer Festival.

So with a skin full of beer, some lunch thrown in and a few cheeky Prosecco’s…now it was time to sample some gins!

This was a Whitley Neil Blood Orange Gin, served with a Fever Tree Tonic Water and garnished with some fresh Orange, Lime, Lemon and Grapefruit. And yes, it tasted just as gorgeous as it sounded!

A Reet Good Day!

Overall, it was a reet good day for the team. The Walmsleys team even returned for the evening for a night filled with more devine drinks, food and music, along with joining in with the amazing atmosphere.

If you would like to support the Wigan Youth Zone in having a positive impact on the lives of young people, then you can become a friend of the youth zone and donate. You can find out more about them on their website.

Here is our Development Executive, Louise Twist, enjoying a sponsored WCIB glass of prosecco at the Reet Good Beer Festival.



And that is all for us folks! One festival down and many more to go! We cannot wait to see where our next adventure takes us.

Remember, if you would like to find out more about Brewcover, then make sure you check the rest of our website.

Cheers to that!